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Senior Centers and Assisted Living


Everyone ages differently, therefore the requirements 
of older adults vary greatly among individuals. Seniors who are in healthiness may stay active and live independently long beyond what's generally expected. Those with medical condtions may have regular assistance much sooner.

Wherever an individual is on this spectrum, there are a good range of options available which will help fulfill his or her needs—from social engagement and mental stimulation, to getting help with the activities of daily living, to health and safety. inspect the choices in your community. Senior centers offer classes, clubs and social activities. Retirement communities and assisted living facilities provide residential options that cater to a person’s interests and physical abilities.

Finding a replacement Center

Finding like-minded friends.

Many folks feel awkward initially 
, but after a couple of weeks, they appear forward to going and seeing friends and joining in on the fun, Johnston says. And that’s key because many studies have shown how beneficial social interaction is to mental and even physical health.


Enjoying exercise.

Centers now boast all types 
of physical activities, from garden walks, t'ai chi and yoga to swimming, ballroom dance and Zumba in your chair. Even little bits of activity can help boost mobility and self-esteem, Johnston says.
Learning about new gadgets and trends.

Some centers encourage seniors to undertake 
a hand at computer classes, compete during a Wii computer game tournament, or chat with faraway friends or grandchildren via Skype. Other centers hold food tastings or display work from local artists. “The best programs try hard to tailor their activities to suit members’ interests,”


Engaging in community service.

From going into classrooms to share history to tending community gardens, some centers give seniors opportunities to offer 
back. And while volunteering time can improve the community at large, it also can boost personal health. an honest amount of research has found physical, mental and emotional benefits related to doing good.


Getting Past Caregiving Guilt

The best thanks to 
get past those feelings: mention them. “Having an open conversation together with your beloved is basically important,” he says.

It also helps to shift your thinking. Don’t consider posing for help as a symbol of failure. Instead, consider it as that specializes in what’s important. “If you hire someone to try to the mundane day-to-day tasks, like getting groceries or doing work round the house, you'll focus instead on spending quality time together with your beloved and making good memories together.”



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