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Chickenpox - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Chicken Pox?

Chickenpox is a communicable illness that results in red spots or blisters and a rash which itches. It spreads throughout the body. Pregnant women, teenagers, adults and newborns have difficulty in fighting the infection. Children aren’t at a risk with chickenpox. A child who has been infected should stay away from school and others who haven’t ever been infected. It is very unlikely for a recurrence of this disease even though the virus stays in the system long after the disease has been cured. If it gets reactivated again, it may lead to shingles which is an infection that is painful.

Causes & Transmission

Varicella zoster virus causes chicken pox and it may be easily transmitted. The blister fluid from an infected person may transmit the virus.Even sharing drinks associated foods with an infected person or their cough and sneeze could transmit it.


The virus may be transmitted even before the person having it has shown any symptoms.


Not having the sickness or the immunizing agent for chicken pox puts you at a high risk for chicken pox.Living with an infected person increases the chances of getting chicken pox. Pregnant women having any symptoms of chicken pox should consult a doctor immediately as the virus may result in severe infections in the newborn or may result in birth defects.

Treatment :

Home treatment is generally adequate for most children and healthy adults. Medicines for reducing itching and fever, and rest is the best home treatment. Oatmeal baths can help as well for itching. People having chronic diseases or any other medical ailments may require further treatment if they acquire the varicella zoster virus. Antiviral medication and immunoglobulintreatment may be needed. A doctor might prescribe these medicines if there is a viral exposure to give some relief.


A chickenpox vaccine can help prevent this disease. Children should get the vaccine as a part of their yearly medical checkup. The illness is preventable if you were near a person with chickenpox. A shot of chickenpox antibodies or an instant vaccination is essential to prevent the communication and spread of the virus. A lot of times, parents deliberately get their children infected when a child in the same neighborhood or school gets chickenpox. The early onset of chickenpox ensures lifelong resistance against the virus in most cases. This in turn is better as chickenpox in children is better treatable and manageable than that of adults.


Ø  Treatable by medical professiona

Ø  Usually self diagnosable

Ø  Short-term: resolves within days to weeks

Ø  Spread through the air or contaminated surfaces




Ø  A temparatur ranging from 38 degree celcius to 39.5 degree celcius

Ø  A sore throat and headache

Ø  Loss of apetite



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of



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