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Nari Sudh Syrup : Description , Ingredients , Benefits , Uses , Dosage

Nari Sudha Syrup


Nari Sudha Syrup is poly-herbal Ayurvedic proprietary medicine. Nari Sudha Syrup is best tonic for female generally Weakness, Back Ache, Head Ache, Anorexia, Anemia and Irregular Menstruation and Nutritional Disorders.


Nari Sudha Syrup Ingredients


Ø  Rakt Chandan

Ø  Ashoka

Ø  Lodhra

Ø  Mochras Resin

Ø  Dhataki

Ø  Ashwagandha

Ø  Shatavar

Ø  Nagkeshar

Ø  Nagarmotha

Ø  Lal Supari Areca Catechu

Ø  Sonth

Ø  Jatamansi

Ø  Amla

Ø  Daru Haldi

Ø  Patrang

Ø  Sugar q.s.


Biomedical Action of Nari Sudha Syrup


Ø  Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.

Ø  Antioxidant: Neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances.

Ø  Antispasmodic: Used to relieve spasm of involuntary muscle.

Ø  Appetizer: Improves appetite.

Ø  Depurative: Purifying agent.

Ø  Digestive: Digestant.

Ø  Uterine tonic: Tonic for female reproductive health.


Nari Sudha Syrup Health Benefits


Ø  It may balance Pitta and Kapha.

Ø     It may correct hormonal imbalance.

Ø     It may give relief in symptoms associated with leucorrhoea such as itching, pain, and discomfort.

Ø     It may improve appetite and digestion.

Ø     It may improve hemoglobin level.

Ø     It may improve overall health.

Ø     It is a health supplement for women.

Ø     It is well tolerated.

Ø     It may nourish the body.

Ø     It may promote strength and stamina.

Ø     It may reduce swelling in the body.

Ø     It may treat leucorrhoea due to its a nourishing, hemoglobin improving, anti-inflammatory, and Tridosha balancing property.


Nari Sudha Syrup Therapeutic Uses

Nari Sudha Syrup may be a 
health tonic for females and useful within the following conditions:


Ø  Acne

Ø  Anemia

Ø  Anorexia

Ø  Back Ache

Ø  General Weakness

Ø  Head

Ø  Irregular Menstruation

Ø  Nutritional Disorders


Nari Sudha Syrup Dosage


Ø  The recommended dosage of medicine is 1-2 tablespoon for ADULT.

Ø  It should be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Ø  It is to be taken before the meal.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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