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Tulsi Ghan Vati : Description , Ingredient , health Benefits , Dosage

Tulsi Ghan Vati

Tulsi Ghan Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine. This is a herbal supplement containing leaf extracts of Tulsi or holy basil.

Tulasi is pungent, bitter, cardiac tonic and hot. It stimulates digestion, and cures obstinate skin diseases including leprosy, dysuria, vitiation of blood and pain in the sides of chest. It alleviates Kapha and Vata. It also cures poisoning, parasitic infection, vomiting, svasa (asthma), piles and pain in eyes.

Ingredients of Tulsi Ghan Vati


Ø  Leaves of tulsi or Ocimum sanctum

Ø  Each Tablet Contain 500 mg of Tulsi Extracts.

Health Benefits of Tulsi


Ø  Tulsi clears phlegm and asthma.

Ø  It removes Kapha and mucus from the lungs and upper respiratory tract

Ø  It helps in fever of all types.

Ø  It clears toxic Ama that can cause chest infections and fevers.

Ø  It increases the appetite and is warming stimulant to the digestion.

Ø  It reduces blood sugar and total cholesterol levels.

Ø  It improves awareness and mental clarity.

Ø  It increases circulation through the heart.

Ø  It protects the liver.

Ø  It boosts immunity to prevent recurrent infections,

Ø  It is antioxidant and prevents free cell damage.

Ø  It reduces Vata and Kapha but increases Pitta.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Tulsi Ghan Vati


Ø  Antioxidant

Ø  Asthma

Ø  Bronchitis

Ø  Cold, Cough, Congestion

Ø  Disorders of genito-urinary system

Ø  Fever

Ø  Immunomodulatory

Ø  Low immunity.

Ø  Recurrent infections

The Dosage of Tulsi Ghan Vati


Ø    This medicine contains only one ingredient Tulsi. It is suitable for everyone.

Ø    The recommended dosage for adult person and children above the age of 12 is one or two tablets, two times a day with water.

Ø    Children between 5 – 12 years can be given half of the adult dosage or half tablet two times a day.

Ø    This medicine should be swallowed with water.

Ø    Or take as directed by a doctor.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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