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Kapardak Bhasma : Description , ingredients , Benefits , Properties , Side effects



Kapardak Bhasma gives relief from chronic indigestion problems, acidity, flatulence, colic pains, etc. Unbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle constantly harm and weaken our digestive systems. Kapardak Bhasma is a time-tested formulation that soothes the stomach, heals the damages from contaminations, treats ulcers and boosts digestion. It is made from herbal extracts with natural detoxifying and antibacterial properties. Take Kapardak Bhasma regularly to give you lasting relief from lingering digestive ailments. Experience the soothing relief of Ayurvedic medication with Kapardak Bhasma.




Heals digestive problems and duodenal ulcers


Ingredients (Composition)

Kapardak Bhasma is ready 
from Kapardika (Cowry Shell of Cypraea Moneta). Yellow colored cowry shells having weight of 3 to 5 grams are perfect for making cowrie bhasma.

Medicinal Properties:


Ø  Digestive Stimulant

Ø  Antacid

Ø  Anodyne

Ø  Antispasmodic

Ø  Carminative

Ø  Antiemetic

Ø  Aam Pachak (Detoxifier)

Ø  Antiflatulent

Ø  Antiulcerogenic

Ø  Mucolytic

Ø  Astringent

Kapardak Bhasma Uses & Benefits

Kapardak Bhasma has high bioavailability, so it shows instant effects in some diseases. It reacts with stomach secretions, and neutralizes the acid. The main action of it's 
observed on AMA (toxins), which are producing thanks to poor digestion. It improves appetite and digestion, which helps to scale back AMA formation and eliminate the produced AMA.

Bloating & Intestinal Gas

Kapardak Bhasma has carminative, anti-flatulent, and VATASHAMAK action, which provides 
relief from the bloating or abdominal distension, intestinal gas and excessive flatulence. In such cases, it is used mixing with Cow’s Ghee and Misri (Sugar). Additionally, Arogyavardhini Vati is additionally helpful when used with Kapardak Bhasma in such cases.

Abdominal Pain

As discussed that Kapardak Bhasma has carminative and antispasmodic properties, which aids in abdominal pain and cramps. It is helpful when pain has dull character and accompanies with feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. It should be used along with Cow’s Ghee and Misri (Sugar).


Kapardika Bhasma is extremely 
useful for people with uncomfortable belching having sour taste in mouth or tasteless burp. It prevents gas formation by correcting digestion and acting on VATA in digestive system.

Vomiting in Hyperacidity

Kapardika Bhasma along side 
Swarna Makshik Bhasma is useful in vomiting with sour vomitus and mucus content. It reduces AMAL GUNA of PITTA and prevents these symptoms.

Safety Profile

Kapardak Bhasma is considerably safe when used under supervision and within the 
recommended dosage and with appropriate adjuvants.

Side Effects

However, it does not show any side effect when used wisely with appropriate adjuvant according to the disease. It should not be kept on the tongue because if may cause fissures in your tongue. To avoid this side effect, you ought to 
always remember that it should be taken along side adjuvants like Cow’s Ghee, Giloy Sat, or honey.


Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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