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Sexuality is part of being human. Love, affection and intimacy all play a task 
in healthy relationships from childhood through adulthood .
You often hear about the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health, but feeling confident about your sexuality is also important. Achieving sexual health allows for:


Ø  Healthy relationships

Ø  Planned pregnancies

Ø  Disease prevention

It's essential to be well-informed about all aspects of sexual health and what it takes to possess 
a satisfying sex life. Similarly, it is vital to remember of things which will complicate your sexual health. Don't let embarrassment keep you from mentioning concerns or asking questions of your doctor or other health care providers.

Sex and aging

Adults can remain sexually active no matter 
their age. In fact, many older adults desire and luxuriate in a lively sex life.

An ongoing interest in sex, as well as satisfaction with the frequency and quality of sexual activity, is positively associated with health in later life. Of course, there are some challenges when it involves 
sex and aging. Physical changes, illness, disabilities and a few medicines can make sex challenging or difficult to enjoy.

There are many resources available to older adults to assist 
them achieve a satisfying sex life. Don't be afraid to bring up concerns with your doctor or other health care provider. And remember, whatever your age, take precautions to guard yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

Talking to kids about sex

Kids and sexuality — those words strike fear into the hearts of the many 
parents. But lecture kids about sex is a crucial a part of parenting. Children and teens get a lot of information from peers and media sources, so they need your guidance to help them make healthy and appropriate decisions about their sexual behavior.

When it comes to talking to kids about sex, there's no standard script. Your decision to educate your children about sexuality will likely be based on the child's maturity, as well as your personal goals and values.
Look for everyday opportunities and let your child set the pace together with his 
or her questions. As your child matures, you can provide more-detailed responses.

It's normal to feel uncomfortable when lecture 
kids about sex. But by providing accurate and open communication, you increase the odds that your child will understand your values and make appropriate choices about sex.



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