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Diabetes Prevention



You can help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by understanding your risk and making changes to your lifestyle. Common risk factors include increased weight, vital sign , cholesterol and triglyceride (blood fat) levels. Changing the habits of a lifetime isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort.

Here are some tips to assist 
you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.


·       Check your risk of diabetes. Take the Life! risk assessment test and learn more about your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A 12+ score indicates that you simply are at high risk and should be eligible for the Life! program - a free Victorian lifestyle modification program that helps you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and disorder ,


·       Manage your weight. Excess body fat, particularly if stored round the abdomen, can increase the body’s resistance to the hormone insulin. This can lead to type 2 diabetes.


·       Exercise regularly. Moderate physical activity on most days of the week helps manage weight, reduce blood sugar levels and should also improve vital sign and cholesterol.


·       Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Reduce the quantity of fat in your diet, especially saturated and trans fats. Eat more fruit, vegetables and high-fibre foods. Cut back on salt.


·       Limit takeaway and processed foods. ‘Convenience meals’ are usually high in salt, fat and kilojoules. It’s best to cook for yourself using fresh ingredients whenever possible.


·       Limit your alcohol intake. Too much alcohol can cause weight gain and should increase your vital sign and triglyceride levels. Men should haven't any quite two standard drinks each day and ladies should haven't any quite one.


·       Quit smoking. Smokers are twice as likely to develop diabetes as non-smokers.


·       Control your blood pressure. Most people can do that with regular exercise, a diet and by keeping a healthy weight. In some cases, you might need medication prescribed by your doctor.


·       Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Diabetes and disorder have many risk factors in common, including obesity and physical inactivity.


·       See your doctor for regular check-ups. As you grow old , it’s an honest idea to regularly check your blood sugar , vital sign and blood cholesterol levels.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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