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Ajmodadi Churna is an effective cure for joint inflammation, joint pain and arthritis. It heals the joint by reducing swelling and restores the bone and surrounding muscle tissues back to health. Ajmodadi Churna is especially effective in knee pain. It is an ancient formulation made from natural extracts and has no side effects. Do not be held back by joint pain, swelling and rigidity. Take Ajmodadi Churna to get immediate relief and regain agility in your limbs.




Ø  Useful in joint pain 

Ø  Controls rheumatoid arthritis and lumbago




Ø   Ajmod 

Ø   VaiVidang 

Ø   Devdaru 

Ø   ChitrakMool 

Ø   SaindhaNamak 

Ø   ChhotiHarad 

Ø   Vidhara 

Ø   Pipalmool 

Ø   Sounth 

Ø   Kali Mirch 

Ø   Pippli 

Ø   Soya


Medicinal Properties

Ajmodadi Churna has following healing properties.


Ø  AMAPACHAK – Detoxifying

Ø  Anti-inflammatory

Ø  Analgesic

Ø  Anti-rheumatic or Anti-arthritic

Ø  Anti-gout

Ø  Anti-hyperuricemic

Ø  Osteoprotective

Ø  Carminative

Ø  Antispasmodic

Ø  Vermifuge

Ø  Digestive stimulant

Therapeutic Indications

Ajmodadi Churna is helpful in following health conditions.

Primary Indications


Ø  Rheumatoid arthritis

Ø  Pain and swelling due to joint disorders

Ø  Sciatica

Ø  Backache

Ø  Joint pains

Ø  Rectal pain

Ø  Brachial neuritis

Other Indications

Ø  Osteoarthritis (in obese people)

Ø  Gouty Arthritis

Ø  Loss of appetite

Ø  Poor digestive function

Ø  Intestinal gas

Ø  Abdominal pain

Side Effects

There are not any 
side effects reported with Ajmodadi Churna when used wisely consistent with Dosha Analysis. However, if the patient is already suffering from Pitta aggravation, then it can cause the following side effects:


Ø  Heartburn

Ø  Burning sensation in abdomen

Ø  Acid reflux

Ø  Vertigo



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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