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Heart Disease : Overview

What is Heart Disease?


Heart disease s may be caused by various factors ranging from an unhealthy diet plan to congenital heart defects. Many sorts of heart condition may be prevented or treated by adopting a number of the healthy fashion selections.

What are 4 types of heart diseases?

Heart is one of the body’s most important organs of the human body. Heart diseases area unit one in all the leading reason behind death all across the globe. There are mainly four types of heart diseases which are most common around the world.


Coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is caused by growing plaque in the walls of the coronary arteries which, subsequently, limits the blood flow to the heart’s muscle. It can ultimately become the reason of a heart attack.



Arrhythmias will cause the center to beat too quickly, too slowly or on an irregular basis, that may result in a broad range of heart disease symptoms.

Heart valve disease


Heart valve illness could occur once one or a lot of your four heart valves do not work properly. The causes of heart valve disease can cause stenosis, regurgitation and atresia.

Heart failure


Generally, within the coronary failure, the heart’s pumping capability isn't capable meet the strain for blood and Needed by the remainder of the body. This may result in situations which may lead to weakening of the heart muscle.

How long can you live with heart disease?


When it involves heart condition, life expectancy rates vary in various diseases that come under the umbrella of Heart Disease. Life expectancy depends upon the condition of illness you are suffering through. For example in a congestive heart failure, a doctor will probably tell you that there is no one answers. While going by the recent advancements, 50% of patients will have an average life expectancy of five years. Case studies have shown that those with advanced heart failure, up to 90% will pass away within one year.

Can the heart repair itself?


As of now, there was a mistaken belief that the human heart does not have this capability to heal itself. But a number of the recent exciting analysis have shown that the center will, indeed, have some ability to make new muscle and possibly repair itself. Though it can't fix the kind of damage caused by a heart attack as the rate of regeneration is so slow.


Walking alternative and several other} other physical exertion once a heart failure strengthens the remaining muscular tissue.


How can I make my heart stronger?


A healthy fashion will improve heart operate, making it strong and less susceptible to disease. Here goes a few tips to make your heart stronger to keep it healthy and efficient, dramatically improving your quality of life:


Ø     Exercise regularly: In order to improve overall cardiovascular health, experts have suggested an at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise or a combination of both.


Ø     Maintain a healthy diet: Research have established that adopting a heart-healthy diet can actually strengthen your heart muscle. A heart-healthy diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, skinless poultry and fish and low-fat dairy products.


Ø     Manage stress: Stress and anxiety can cause anything from high blood pressure to asthma to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

What foods are bad for your heart?


In order to stay your heart and circulatory system healthy, keep these meals and snack items away from your regular diet.


Ø  Cookies and pastries

Ø  Margarine

Ø  Sugary cereals

Ø  Candy

Ø  Soft drinks and sugar-sweetened juices

Ø  Meat-lovers pizza

Ø  Diet soda

Ø  Deep-fried foods

Ø  Processed and cured meats

Ø  Fast-food burgers

What is the best exercise for the heart?


Though, there area unit many exercises that a heart patient will do to stay his/her heart in healthy condition.


Here go some simple and common exercises that one can adopt in his daily routine.


Ø     Circuit training: Circuit training is one of the best types of exercises that help to increase your cardiovascular fitness. When you estimate at a really high intensity the blood starts to pump heaps tougher which challenges the physical property of the blood vessel wall.


Ø     Swimming: Swimming is something which everyone would love to. It is one in all the foremost gratifying exercise one will adopt in his daily fashion particularly once knowing that it helps keep heart in healthy condition.


Ø     Running: Running intervals will surely push your cardiovascular fitness to the next level.


Ø     Yoga: Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen your heart and tone your muscles.


Ø     Cycling: Studies have found that regular cycling can, indeed, reduce your risk for coronary heart diseases.




Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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