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Mandur Bhasma : Description , Benefits , Ingredients , Properties , Uses , Side Effects



Mandur Bhasma is an Ayurvedic combination manufactured from herbal extracts to give you relief from hepatic disorders and anaemia. Contaminated food and drinks or unbalanced diet constantly harm and weaken your liver. Mandur Bhasma is a time-tested medication that heals the damages from contaminations and boosts your liver. Mandur Bhasma has no side effects and can therefore be taken with other medicines. Take Mandur Bhasma to rejuvenate your liver and regain good health.




Heals hepatic disorder, jaundice, anaemia


Ingredients (Composition)

Mandur bhasma is ready 
from following ingredients. The most ingredients are Old Iron Rust.


Ø  Old Iron Rust (Ferric Oxide or red iron oxide)

Ø  Triphala Decoction

Ø  Cow’s Urine

Ø  burn plant Juice

A fine powder of Mandur (Old Iron Rust) is taken one part and Triphala Decoction is taken four parts. Iron rust is added in and Triphala Decoction and heated the mixture until all water content gets evaporated and only powder remains. then 
, this powder is mixed and ground with Cow’s Urine and burn plant juice. Then it's left for drying. When it becomes dry, then it's heated under heat . This process is repeated several times to urge the Mandur Bhasma.

Medicinal Properties

Mandur Bhasma has following healing properties.


Ø  Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels)

Ø  Hematogenic (helps in formation of red blood cells)

Ø  Anthelmintic

Ø  Carminative

Ø  Digestive Stimulant

Ø  Emmenagogue

Ø  Hypo-glycemic

Ø  Lowers bilirubin

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Mandur Bhasma is especially 
iron supplement, but it also has valuable therapeutic benefits in other diseases also . In ayurveda along side other remedies, it's widely used for jaundice, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, worm infestation and neuralgia. Here are a number of important medicinal uses and benefits of Mandur Bhasma.


Mandur Bhasma is effective for iron deficiency anemia or microcytic anaemia 
. it's processed with herbs and calcined under heat , which increases the bioavailability of the iron from the Mandur Bhasma within the body and reduces its unwanted effects. Therefore, it more LIKELY SAFE and TOLERABLE as compared to traditional allopathic iron supplements. Modern iron supplements cause blackish discoloration teeth and blackish discoloration of the stool, but a well-prepared Mandur bhasma doesn't cause these side effects.


Mandoor bhasma is additionally well tolerable as compared to Loha Bhasma utilized in ayurveda.

Mandur bhasma also reduces general fatigue, physical weakness and yellow discoloration of the skin. It helps relieving most 
anemia symptoms including shortness of breath, dizziness, swelling and headaches. It also helps treat vertigo, laziness, anorexia and loss of appetite, which occur thanks to anemia.

In people with severe anemia, heartbeat becomes rapid and irregular. Mandur bhasma along side 
Arjuna powder helps reducing this symptom and strengthens the guts .

According to ayurvedic science, Mandur bhasma also has Hematogenic (aids in formation of red blood cells) action additionally 
to Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels). Therefore, it's also beneficial for people with bone marrow disease.

Sickle Cell Anemia

However, Mandur bhasma cannot alone work well within the 
management of red blood cell Anemia, but its formulation named as Punarnava Mandur is effective treatment solution for red blood cell Anemia. Punarnava Mandur helps produce more red blood cells and completes the need of iron. additionally to the present , it reduces fatigue and swelling thanks to anemia.


Edema may have several underlying causes. it's going to 
also occur thanks to severe anemia and liver disorders. If the underlying cause is severe anemia and liver disorders, then Mandur bhasma becomes beneficial. together with Punarnava powder or Punarnavarishta, Saribadyasava and Shilajit, Mandur bhasma reduces edema. This mix is more beneficial in pitting edema.

Geophagia – Earth or clay eating

Mandur bhasma reduces strange looking for 
eating earth, dirt, chalk or clay by increasing hemoglobin level. Actually, Geophagia occurs thanks to iron deficiency anemia in most of the people . Research studies also suggested that these people also are reported to possess low calcium. Therefore, Mandur bhasma along side Praval Pishti is extremely beneficial.

In these cases, clay also affects intestine’s health and should 
disrupt the absorption of important nutrients including zinc, iron and calcium. In such cases, a purgative medicine should be used before using Mandur bhasma. Further, Mandur bhasma also cleanses the intestine and detoxifies it to get rid of the foreign substances from it. Therefore, it also improves digestive functions and enhances absorption of other nutrients.

Hepatitis & Jaundice

Mandur bhasma has hepatoprotective characteristics. 2 to 4 weeks course with Mandur bhasma and Kumaryasava helps reducing bilirubin level within the 
blood and normalizes the liver functions.

Fatty Liver Disease

Mandur bhasma has lipolytic action and induces lipolysis. The possible mechanism lipolysis (breakdown of fats) is regulating the insulin level within the 
blood by reducing cellular insulin resistance. A high insulin level could also be liable for lipolysis inhibition, which results in fat accumulation within the liver and other parts (especially visceral organs) of body. just in case of hyperinsulinemia, liver stores fats and results in Steatosis.

Mandur bhasma has dual action. It acts on cellular insulin resistance and reduces insulin level within the 
blood by increasing adequate uptake of the insulin by the cells and conveying a sign of excess insulin level within the blood, which in turns regulates the insulin secretion. Secondly, Mandur bhasma burns accumulated fat by increasing metabolism within the body, so it treats liver disease disease.

Hemolytic Jaundice

Hemolytic Jaundice occurs when bilirubin production is increased thanks to 
degradation of the blood cells (RBCs). However, in such case, Mandur bhasma cannot work alone. there's also a requirement to stop and stop severe degradation of red blood cells. For this, Praval Pishti, Mukta Pishti and Giloy Sat become essential a part of the treatment. additionally to the present , Mandur Bhasma plays a supportive role for reducing elevated bilirubin level and improving quality of red blood cells.


Mandur bhasma might not 
have direct Emmenagogue action. Actually, iron deficiency anemia can also be a explanation for amenorrhea in most of Indian women. In such case, Mandur bhasma is useful . For better leads to amenorrhea (absent menstruation), Mandur bhasma should be taken together with Kumaryasava.


Mandur bhasma also has antispasmodic action, which relieves abdominal cramps and pain. Iron deficiency anemia is additionally 
a explanation for painful periods in many adolescent girls. Mandur bhasma essentially becomes beneficial in such cases by exerting dual action – antispasmodic also as iron supplementation.

Side Effects

There are not any 
side effects observed with the utilization of Mandur Bhasma even for the long-term treatment duration of six months in dosage but 125 mg twice daily. In dosage of 250 mg twice daily, Mandur bhasma can also be safe for a short-term use, but this dosage should be used with caution on regular basis for period quite 4 weeks.


Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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