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Laxmivilas Ras : Description , Benefits , Properties , Benefits , Side Effects




Laxmivilas Ras may be a traditional Ayurvedic formulation that cures a cough, cold and rhinitis. It soothes the throat and sinuses. It loosens the mucus accumulated in the chest thus making it easy to cough it up. It also cures body aches and temperature. It boosts your immune system and prevents further infections.




Ø  Cures cough, cold

Ø  Helps in asthma attack

Ø  Cures rhinitis

Medicinal Properties

The medicinal uses of Laxmi Vilas Ras (Nardiya) are attributed to the following medicinal properties:


Ø  Cardioprotective

Ø  Cardiac Stimulant

Ø  Antiarrhythmic

Ø  Anti-ischemic

Ø  Antioxidant


Ayurvedic Properties

It pacified Tridosha. Although it can be used in any case regardless any dosha predominance. Still, it is more beneficial in diseases with vitiated Vata and Vata-Kapha Dosha.


Ayurvedic practitioners commonly use this formulation for improving heart functions and protecting the heart from cardiac complications of other diseases.


It is effective medicine if bradycardia occurs due to Coronary artery disease, Rheumatic fever or Obstructive sleep apnea. It should be used along with Mrit Sanjeevani Sura. In some cardiac disorders, Yakuti Rasayana or Jawahar Mohra may also require.


Cough (Vataj Kasa)


When patient suffers from persistent dry cough attacks, restlessness, cough starts with a little exertion, and pain in head, chest or abdomen, and then he is suffering from Vataj Kasa as per ayurveda. 


Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid Laxmi Vilas Ras (Nardiya).


Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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