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Hypertension - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Hypertension?


Hypertension additionally called high force per unit area may be a condition wherever the force of the blood touching against your artery wall is too high that it causes health issues like heart diseases.


Blood pressure is typically determined by the extent of blood that your heart pumps.


If your arteries square measure slender and your heart pumps excessive quantity of blood, your pressure tends to get higher.


Hypertension will develop for several years with none apparent symptom, high blood pressure can give rise to complications such as stroke and heart attack which might result to death if not treated on time. High force per unit area eventually affects everybody at just one occasion or the opposite.


There square measure 2 essential (primary) cardiovascular disease and hypertension.


There is no cause for primary cardiovascular disease however studies counsel that it tends to develop over the years. Whereas, hypertension will occur thanks to impeding sleeping patterns, kidney problems, adrenal gland tumors, thyroid problems, congenital defects in the blood vessels, medications like over the counter pain killers, cold remedies, decongestants & birth control pills, illegal drugs like amphetamines & cocaine and excessive alcohol use.

Secondary Hypertension will be associate underlying reason behind a far fatal disorder.




Hypertension is typically diagnosed throughout a routine body scrutiny. It is judicious to go to a general MD on the off probability that you just develop high force per unit area. People who square measure between the people of eighteen to thirty-nine and forty years or older square measure at a better risk of developing high force per unit area. An acceptable sized arm cuff is employed to diagnose cardiovascular disease.


There square measure some machines obtainable which might analyze your force per unit area levels at no cost.


Risk factors that may increase your possibilities of developing high blood pressure:


Ø    Alcohol- Excessive alcohol consumption can not only affect your blood pressure but also damage your heart and liver.


Ø     Family history- If one or more of your family members have hypertension; chances are that you are at a higher risk for developing high blood pressure.


Ø     Obesity- Hypertension is also very common in people who are obese and overweight.


Ø     Laziness- People who are physically inactive have higher heart rates. This puts a lot of pressure in the arteries resulting in high blood pressure.


Ø     Tobacco- Chewing or smoking tobacco can damage the lining of your arteries leading to severe Hypertension.


Ø     Inadequate vitamins- Very little amount of vitamin D and potassium in your diet can disturb the sodium levels in your blood causing high blood pressure.

Can't be cured, but treatment helps
require medical diagnosis
Lab test always required
Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
Non communicable



Ø  Headaches


Ø  Shortness of breath


Ø  Bleeding from the nose



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