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Lemon Honey Herbal Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation that gently cleanses dirt, oil and prevents pimples. Extracts from lemon peel control excess sebum secretion while honey and aloe vera moisturize and rejuvenate the skin tissues. Neem and tulsi disinfect by killing germs. The face wash is rich in herbs and provides a natural balance for skin to make complexion fresh, smooth and attractive. Use twice daily or as often as required.




Ø  Natural cleanser 

Ø   Soap-free wash 

Ø   Deep cleanses 

Ø   Controls excess oil production 

Ø   Moisturizes and rejuvenates skin tissue 




Ø  Pure honey 

Ø  Ghrit kumari (aloe vera) 

Ø  Lemon peel (citrus aurantifolia) 

Ø  Neem (azadchta indica) 

Ø  Tulsi (ocimum sanctum) 

Ø  Aqua 

Ø  Gel base 

Ø  Diazolidinyl 

Ø  urea & ipbc 

Ø  Vitamin e 

Ø  Colour (cl: 19140 & 15985) 

Ø  Sugandhit dravya



What are the advantages of using honey on your face?

Cultures around the world have used honey on their skin for thousands of years. According to research on honey, this natural ingredient has several beneficial properties:


Ø    Antibacterial. A Source found that honey can kill a number of different types of bacteria. Because bacteria in your skin can cause pimples, using honey on your face may help reduce breakouts.


Ø    Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. A honey contains flavonoid and polyphenol compounds that help it act as an antioxidant. When applied to the skin, honey has been shown to reduce the activity of inflammatory compounds. This may help to lessen skin redness and irritation.


Ø    Exfoliating. Honey contains natural enzymes which will help remove dead cells on the skin. This is one reason honey could also be an honest choice as a natural exfoliator for your skin.
There are many types of honey you can buy. Some of the best options for your skin include:


Ø    Raw honey, which is honey that hasn’t been processed or pasteurized. It has higher levels of nutrients and minerals than processed honey, but may not be as safe to eat.

What are the advantages of using lemon on your face?

Before getting into the purported benefits of using lemon on your skin, it’s important to note that lemon contains natural fruit acids that can sting, irritate, or burn your skin.

That’s why many skin care experts are wary about using lemon on the face, and a few believe it's more drawbacks than advantages.

According to research, lemon juice has the following properties:


Ø    Antioxidant. Lemon juice naturally contains vitamin C , an antioxidant which will help reduce skin damage and premature aging.


Ø    Astringent qualities. Due to its high pH levels, lemon can decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation.


Ø    Antifungal. A Source suggested lemon juice may have antifungal properties, including the ability to kill off Candida fungus strains on the skin.


Ø    Skin lightening. Lemon contains acids that have the power to naturally lighten the skin, including age spots and acne scars. However, there are prescription creams that are simpler than lemon.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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