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Kaishore Guggul : Description , Benefits , Ingredients , Properties , Side Efftects



Kaishore Guggul purifies your blood of toxins introduced from polluted environment or unhealthy diet. It helps your body balance the production of uric acid and controls gout. It is made from herbal extracts with natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective in soothing wounds and ulcers. It also boosts your digestive system.




Ø  Controls gout 

Ø   Heals ulcers 

Ø   Boosts digestion 

Ø   Nourishes skin 

Ø   Useful in vatrog, jirnaraktavikar, etc. 




Ø  ShuddhGuggu 

Ø  Sounth 

Ø  Kali marich 

Ø  Pipal 

Ø  Vaividang 

Ø  Dantymool 

Ø  Nishoth 

Ø  Harad 

Ø  Baheda 

Ø  Amla 

Ø  Giloy


Medicinal Properties

Kaishore guggulu has following healing properties:


Ø  Adaptogenic

Ø  Analgesic

Ø  Anti-bacterial

Ø  Anti-diabetic

Ø  Anti-inflammatory

Ø  Anti-arthritis

Ø  Anti flatulent

Ø  Anti-microbial

Ø  Antioxidant

Ø  Carminative

Ø  Detox

Ø  Digestive stimulant

Ø  Mild laxative

Health Benefits & Uses

Kaishore guggulu may be a 
good herbal combination that works on metabolism within the body. It corrects the functions of stomach and intestines, which helps improving digestion and removing toxins from the body. It works in all health conditions in which we need to correct digestion and metabolism.

Raised uric acid or gouty arthritis

Kaishore guggulu may be a 
drug of choice in gout. Overproduction of uric acid in the body and decrease in excretion of uric acid through the kidneys are main cause of gout or raised uric acid.

Kaishore guggulu works well in both conditions. It corrects the metabolism and checks on uric acid production. Further, it corrects the elimination process of uric acid in kidneys. It improves kidney functions and helps in excretion of various chemicals through it.

Therefore, kishore guggul use is also suggested in cases of kidney failure along with sarvatobhadra vati and other helpful herbs. In raised uric acid, following combination is helpful.


Ø  Kaishore guggulu = 500 mg

Ø  Punarnava Powder = 3 grams

Both remedies should be taken with warm water for at least 3 months.


However, for fibromyalgia, yograj guggul is best, but kaishore guggulu may be a 
substitute of yograj guggul. It works on VATA humor and PITTA humor and reduces inflammation and muscle spasm. It further reduces muscle tenderness and shifting pain due to fibromyalgia. Some ayurvedic doctors use it along side yograj guggul for better leads to fibromyalgia.

Boils, wounds and Carbuncles

Kaishore guggulu has anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties thanks to 
which it helps in treating boils and carbuncles.

Diabetes is a common condition in which carbuncles occur. Kaishore guggul also works on blood sugar 
level and corrects the matter of cellular resistance to insulin. Moreover, it reduces infection, swelling and pus discharge from the carbuncles.

Acne vulgaris

Kaishore guggulu may be a 
good blood purifier, anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory . Therefore, it helps in getting rid of acne and pimples. However, its effects on hormones are still unknown, but it stops recurrence of the acne in about 70% cases.

Eczema & psoriasis

Along with other ayurvedic medicines, kaishore guggul gives promising leads to 
eczema and psoriasis. Local application of 777 oil or charm rog nashak oil is suggested with kaishore guggul.


However, kaishore guggulu is taken into account 
safe and well tolerable in most of individuals , but in some cases, it can cause following problems.


Ø   Acidity (rare and it occurs only if you already have history of gastritis, GERD or ulcer) 

Ø    Frequent urination (rare with kaishore guggulu, but if you are taking it with punarnava for gout, it is common due to diuretic action of punarnava)


Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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