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Sexual Health : Overview

Sexual health basics

Sexuality is a component 
of being human. Love, affection and intimacy all play a task in healthy relationships from childhood through adulthood.

You often hear about the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health, but feeling confident about your sexuality is additionally 
important. Achieving sexual health allows for:


Ø  Healthy relationships

Ø  Planned pregnancies

Ø  Disease prevention

It's essential to be well-informed about all aspects of sexual health and what it takes to possess a satisfying sex life. Similarly, it's 
vital to recollect of things which can complicate your sexual health. Don't let embarrassment keep you from mentioning concerns or asking questions of your doctor or other health care providers.

Sexual health includes:


Ø  Sexuality

Ø  Sexual Orientation

Ø  Gender Identity

Ø  Gender Expression

Ø  Body Image

Ø  Sexual Self-Esteem

Ø  Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

Ø  Reproduction

Ø  Experiences of unwanted violence and coercion

Ø  Consent and limits

Ø  Relationships and Intimacy

Ø  Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy

Ø  Pleasure

Ø  Sexual Activities

Ø  Employment

Ø  Our Bodies

Ø  So Much More!

There are many sorts 
of health including physical health, psychological state , spiritual health, cultural health, social health, financial health, environmental health, etc. Plus of these sorts of health can impact one another . as an example , if you're trying to stop pregnancy and are ready to access the contraception you would like (physical health), this might help to make a more positive mood (emotional health), which can also positively impact your sense of sexual confidence and sexual self-esteem (sexual health).

Sexual health is as valuable as the other 
sort of health. How important it's are going to be different for every person. Sometimes counting on where you're within the world and your upbringing, sexual health might not be as recognized as other sorts of health and there may even be shame, embarrassment, fear, and confusion with sexual health. This is often quite common as there, unfortunately, is often tons of shame attached to things related to “sex”. for instance , it'd feel easier talking a few cold or flu with family, friends or a doctor than it'd be to speak about questions around sexual health. On the opposite hand, you'll be very comfortable talking and learning about sexual health. Take a flash to believe how the subject of sexual health causes you to feel?

No matter where you're 
coming from, WE ARE HERE to assist bring Sexual Health into a more positive and empowering place. an area where hopefully you'll learn the sexual health information you'd like, see or speak to knowledgeable within the field whether on the Sex Sense Line or at one among our many clinics throughout BC, and are available away knowing that sexual health may be a natural a part of being human.

Options for Sexual Health champions and celebrates sexual health including an individual’s freedom of sexual expression, the range 
of human sexuality, and a positive sexual self-image for people throughout life.


What influences Sexual Health?

How we define sexual health are going to be 
different for every person. the rationale is that sexual health is influenced by many personal and social factors such as:


Ø  Our values and beliefs

Ø  Upbringing

Ø  Culture

Ø  Religion

Ø  Indigenous Status

Ø  Spirituality

Ø  The people around us

Ø  Our personal experiences

Ø  Societal expectations

Ø  Legal and/or sexual rights

Think about what factors influence your sexual health? What messages have you ever 
been given about sexual health from…(if applicable)…..your family? friends? society? culture? religion? spirituality? What are a number of your own values and beliefs?

How we experience our sexual health is additionally 
a part of how we experience the planet. for instance , there are many factors that health researchers have identified which will impact our health including sexual health. These are referred to as the ‘social determinants of health’ and include how health is suffering from income, education, employment, childhood development, food, housing, health services, gender, race, disability, Indigenous status, social marginalization, and social services.

If someone’s gender identity/identities aren't recognized this will impact their sexual health and experiences of social marginalization. Another example is that if someone may be a newcomer to Canada and should not speak the language or have the health care card which will allow them to access the sexual health services they have.

As you'll 
see, our sexual health is as individual and sophisticated because the various dynamics of our lives.

Human sexuality rarely falls into neat categories or lends itself to simple labeling, but rather may be a 
rich and sophisticated area of human experience.

Sexual health is personal, psychological, relational, cultural, spiritual, physical, and emotional.



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