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Nerve Pain: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is the treatment?


Treatment goals area unit to manage the condition inflicting your pathology and to alleviate symptoms. If your work tests indicate no underlying condition, your doctor may suggest watchful waiting to envision if your pathology improves.


The treatment for nerve pain depends on the age of the patient, underlying cause, costs and potential side effects. A person will have to undertake treatment for the underlying disease in such cases. However the various treatments choices for nerve pain embrace use of topical treatments, anticonvulsants, anti-depressants, pain killers, electrical stimulation and, in some cases, surgery.


How is the treatment done?


Some folks with nerve pain reply to alternative treatments termed complementary, natural, or different treatments. For example, acupuncture may help some individuals while dietary supplements (such as vitamin B-12) may help others.


However, you and your doctor ought to discuss the employment of those treatments and supplements to make sure they do not interfere with alternative medical therapies that you simply is also victimization.


Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)


Getting management of your nerve pain are often robust. The good news is that doctors have a lot of effective ways to treat it. These include medicines, like prescription pain relievers or anticonvulsants and anti-depressant, as well as electrical stimulation and other techniques.


So if you have got nerve pain, whether or not it's caused by CANCER, HIV, SHINGLES, or another condition, take hope. Here’s a summary of the prescription treatments that your doctor may suggest. Prescription medicines for nerve pain There are a unit many sorts of medication that facilitate with nerve pain.


However, not all of the ones listed here will necessarily work for your specific type of pain. The best selection for you depends on the reason for your pain, the severity, the potential side effects, and other factors.


Who is not eligible for the treatment?


Side effects depend upon that peripheral nerves (sensory, motor, or autonomic) are affected. Damage to sensory nerves (nerves that help you feel pain, heat, cold, and pressure) can cause: tingling, numbness, or a pins-and-needles feeling in your feet and hands that may spread to your legs and arms.


What are the post-treatment guidelines?


Guidelines from different countries offer consistent recommendations for treating neuropathic pain. Effective first and second-line therapies include tricyclic antidepressants, duloxetine, venlafaxine, gabapentin, pregabalin and topical lidocaine.


How long does it take to recover?


Regeneration time depends on how seriously your nerve was injured and the type of injury that you sustained. If your nerve is injured or traumatized however isn't cut, it should recover over 6-12 weeks. A nerve that's cut can grow at 1mm per day, after about a 4 week period of 'rest' following your injury.


What is the worth of the treatment in India?


It may cost between Rs 5000 and Rs 20000.


Are the results of the treatment permanent?


Nerve pain typically happens to some sickness or physical injury. Nerve pain causes someone to urge the feeling of pain while not understanding the cause. It is a fancy state of affairs and therefore the the} results depend upon the condition and also the treatment that's given to the patient. When nerve pain occurs due to conditions like HIV or diabetes, a person may have to deal with the disease first. The person can recover fully solely once he/she has with success restrained the sickness. A person tormented by nerve pain thanks to nerve injury includes a laborious time convalescent fully.



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