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Lung Cancer - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer starts from the lungs and spreads to other body parts. In most cases it starts in the airways of the lungs, known as alveoli and bronchioles. There are over 20 types of lung cancer. The reason behind most respiratory organ cancers is smoking, both from smoking and passive smoking. People who ne'er smoke also are at risk of savvy and also the cause in such cases isn’t well-known.


The two major sorts of carcinoma supported the microscopic look are:


Ø    Small-cell lung cancer: It is the major type of lung cancer and affects smokers exclusively.


Ø    Non small-cell lung cancer: It is a term for lot of different lung cancer types that have similarities. Large-cell carcinoma, squamous-cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma all come under this category.

Chemotherapy aims at killing cancer cells. Drugs might be administered by a vein, usually in the arm or through the oral route. Multiple drugs are generally given over few months.


A Dr. removes the cancer and a few a part of the adjacent healthy tissue.


Here square measure the procedures done to obliterate respiratory organ cancer:


Ø     Wedge resection- A small part of the lung that has the tumor with marginal healthy tissue is removed.


Ø     Segmental resection- A larger part of the lung is removed.


Ø     Lobectomy- A whole lobe of the lung is removed.


Ø     Pneumonectomy- An entire lung is removed


Ø     Radiation therapy employs energy beams obtained from protons and X-rays for killing the cancerous cells.


It may be done outwardly or is also placed inside the body on the point of the affected space through seeds, catheters or needles. Palliative care, a specialty medicine field, involves doctor’s help to reduce symptoms and signs.


Alternative and complementary carcinoma treatment choices square measure offered to cut back symptoms and signs, even though they may not be able to cure cancer:


Ø     Meditation- It involves focusing on a thing like an image, sound or idea. It helps reduce distress and improves the life quality of cancer patients.


Ø     Yoga- It includes stretches with meditation and deep breathing. It helps with sleep. An instructor can guide you through the exercises and movements.


Don’t do stretches that strain you or feel uncomfortable.


Acupuncture- A trained professional puts in tiny needles in specified points in the body during an acupuncture session. It may reduce pain and the side effects of cancer treatment. However, there isn’t any evidence that acupuncture affects the cancer in any way.

Treatable by medical professional

Require medical diagnosis

Lab test not required

Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong

Non communicable



Ø      It generally doesn’t have any symptoms. When the symptoms begin showing, they will be alarming like blood within the secretion.


Ø     Wheezing with chest pain


Ø     Swollen face and neck


Ø     Difficulty in swallowing


Ø     Severe headaches, body pain and fatigue



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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