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Hiv Aids - Symptom, Treatment And Causes


What is HIV AIDS?


Acquired immunological disorder syndrome (AIDS) may be a chronic, doubtless grievous condition caused by the human immunological disorder virus (HIV).By damaging your system, HIV interferes together with your body's ability to fight the organisms that cause unwellness.

HIV is a sexually transmitted infection (STI).


It may also be unfold by contact with infected blood or from mother to kid throughout physiological condition, vaginal birth or breast-feeding.


Without medication, it should take years before HIV weakens your system to the purpose that you simply have AIDS.


There's no cure for HIV/AIDS, however there are medications that may dramatically slow the progression of the unwellness. These medication have reduced AIDS deaths in several developed nations.


How does HIV spread?


HIV destroys CD4 T cells — white blood cells that play an outsized role in serving to your body fight unwellness. The fewer CD4 T cells you have, the weaker your immune system becomes. You can have associate HIV infection for years before it turns into AIDS.


AIDS is diagnosed once the CD4 T cell count falls below two hundred otherwise you have associate AIDS-defining complication.


How HIV spreads


To become infected with HIV, infected blood, liquid body substance or channel secretions should enter your body.


This can happen in several ways:


Ø     By having sex - You may become infected if you have got channel, anal or oral sex with an infected partner whose blood, semen or vaginal secretions enter your body. The virus will enter your body through mouth sores or tiny tears that generally develop within the body part or duct throughout sexual intercourse.


Ø     From blood transfusions - In some cases, the virus is also transmitted through blood transfusions. American hospitals and blood banks currently screen the blood provide for HIV antibodies, therefore this risk is incredibly tiny.


Ø     By sharing needles - Sharing contaminated blood vessel drug equipment (needles and syringes) puts you at high risk of HIV and alternative infectious diseases, such as hepatitis.


Ø     During pregnancy or delivery or through breast-feeding - Infected mothers will pass the virus on to their babies. HIV-positive mothers WHO get treatment for the infection throughout physiological condition will considerably lower the chance to their babies.


How HIV doesn't spread?


You can't become infected with HIV through normal contact. That means you cannot catch HIV or AIDS by smooching, kissing, performing arts or shaking hands with somebody WHO has the infection. HIV is not unfold through the air, water or insect bites.




The symptoms of HIV and AIDS vary, counting on the section of infection.



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