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Ekangveer Ras : Description , Benefits , Ingredients



Ekangveer Ras treats scitica and nerve related problems. It is made through a painstaking process to combine natural and herbal extracts. These components are a natural source of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients which nourishes our bone structure and relieves us of pains.





Ø  Useful in sciatica and nerve-related problems 

Ø   Heals back and leg pains 





Ø   Ras Sindoor 

Ø   ShuddhaGandhak 

Ø   Kant LauhBhasma 

Ø   VangBhasma 

Ø   TamraBhasma 

Ø   AbhrakBhasma 

Ø   Sounth 

Ø   Kali Mirch 

Ø   Pipal 

Ø   Triphala 

Ø   Trikatu 

Ø   Sambhalu 

Ø   Chitrak 

Ø   Bhringraj 

Ø   Sahjan 

Ø   Amla Ras 

Ø   Kuchla 

Ø   Aak 

Ø   Adrak



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