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Heerak Bhasma : Description , Benefits , Ingredients , Properties , Uses



Heerak Bhasma is an ayurvedic medicine that cures health ailments and general weakness. It helps in curing anaemia, tuberculosis and boosts immunity.




Ø  Cures heart disease and weakness

Ø  Useful in rajyakshma, pandu, napunsakta, etc. 



Ingredients (Composition)

Heerak Bhasma contains calcined nano particles of diamond.

Medicinal Properties

Hirak Bhasma is especially 
known for immunomodulatory, anticancer, anti-metastatic, antitubercular, cardioprotective, antianginal, and anti inflammatory actions.


Ø  Anticancer

Ø  Anti-mutagenic

Ø  anti-metastatic

Ø  antitubercular

Ø  cardioprotective

Ø  Antianginal

Ø  Immunomodulatory

Ø  Rejuvenative

Ø  Adaptogenic

Ø  Antioxidant

Ø  Anti-stress

Ø  Aphrodisiac

Ø  Analgesic or Anodyne

Ø  Antibacterial

Ø  Antimicrobial

Ø  Antiviral

Ø  Anti-Inflammatory

Ø  Anti-Obesity

Ø  Antitussive

Ø  Antiulcerogenic

Ø  Demulcent

Ø  Hematogenic (helps in formation of red blood cells)

Ø  Heart Tonic

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Heerak Bhasma increases vitality, stamina, and immunity. Heerak Bhasma is useful 
altogether chronic and obstinate diseases. It balances all three Dosha and corrects metabolism. It improves immunity, longevity, body strength and general well-being.

Adding Heerak Bhasma within the 
treatment of chronic diseases accelerates the recovery process and improves the action of the opposite medicines given for the treatment. Therefore, it are often given to all or any patients with acute also as chronic diseases to enhance the action of the most medicines and speed up the recovery process.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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