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About Us

About Us


We heartily welcome to you at ‘My Online Doctor’. MOD is an online doctor consultation platform where user can interact with the doctor and get best medical advice from renowned doctors. We provide various channels to contact our doctor such as posting the health query or booking a slot for real-time face-to-face consultation. One can use our services to consult with highly qualified, result oriented physicians at the comfort of your home. Our doctor panel consists of medical practitioners, surgeons, physicians and therapists from different countries.


Our goal: Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of online healthcare and to offer a unique service where any patient can receive consultation with any doctors irrespective of their geographical location. We are adding new doctors by the day so that any patient can get in touch with any doctor online, off line or face to face to enjoy healthy life.


Team-MOD is committed to provide the best services in online, offline & F2F healthcare channels... MOD’s vision is to ensure that all its users are rightly informed about their potential health issues and that the Doctor team at MOD helps the users for prevention of life threatening disease.


Privacy and security are paramount at MOD. Everyone at team-MOD strictly follows the thumb rule that under no circumstances the identity of MOD’s users is revealed.


Mission and values:


MOD mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research. Our primary value is “The need of the patient comes first”.


MOD care network:


MOD has a long history of sharing knowledge to help solve complex medical problems. Through the MOD Care Network, this information is reaching patients in new ways. More people than ever before are benefiting from MOD expertise — many of whom never walk through MOD’s doors.


Today, the average lifestyle of a human being is fast-paced. In this fast-paced lifestyle, people ignore their health that leads to several health complications. At MOD, we aim to be the guide and the helping hand to ensure better health for everyone and help them at each step towards health improvement.


MOD’s aim is to connecting people by providing them with every piece of information they need to secure themselves and their family’s well-being. Assessing health issues, consulting experienced medical practitioners and storing health records are few services offered by the company.


Not only are we dedicated to providing a better health to people, we also ensure that they get easy access to country’s best doctors in the most convenient and affordable ways. On our way to creating an experience truly prime for users and healthcare experts, we overcome multitudinous challenges almost every day.

MOD ensures that you get the right solution and treatment, and that is why we have hired country’s best and most experienced doctors who are knowledgeable, skilled and the best in their areas of expertise. They are available to solve your health related queries and provide on-demand healthcare solutions, 24*7.


At MOD, we understand the value of your time and that’s why we want to offer you the best healthcare right from the comfort of your home. We provide doctors, physiotherapists and nurses for home visits to ensure that you don’t need to step out when the need arises.


We aim to tap the latest technology to find solutions to various issues in order to disrupt the global healthcare delivery system. Our innovative healthcare solutions are a step towards bridging the gap between healthcare experts and the patients.

Our service offers the perfect solution. Get an online doctor consultation today and ask the doctor any question you may have.




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