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Reproductive Health : Introduction , Pregnancy Health , Infant Health


Safe motherhood begins before conception with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and continues with appropriate prenatal care and therefore the 
prevention and treatment of complications when possible. The ideal result's a full-term pregnancy without unnecessary interventions, the delivery of a healthy infant, and a healthy postpartum period during a positive environment that supports the physical and emotional needs of the woman, infant, and family.

To better understand the burden of maternal complications and mortality and to decrease disparities among populations at risk of death and complications from pregnancy,  supports national and state-based surveillance systems to monitor trends and investigate health issues., public health policy, and health promotion strategies.

Priority Areas and Health Outcome Goal Within each of the three main priority areas, the result 
goals further define how we'll measure the outcomes and effects from our work.


Women’s Reproductive Health

Improve women’s health from menarche through menopause.


Ø  Increase the percentage of pregnancies that are intended.

Ø  Increase the proportion of women of reproductive age who practice key preventive health behaviors.

Ø  Integrate selected reproductive and non-reproductive health services.


Pregnancy Health

Improve pregnancy health and care.


Ø     Increase screening, prevention, and treatment for infections and chronic conditions before, during, and after pregnancy.

Ø     Increase the proportion of women who practice behaviors that foster healthy pregnancies.


Infant Health

Improve fetal, newborn, and infant health.


Ø    Reduce morbidity and mortality by reducing the burden of preterm birth.

Ø    Reduce SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death) through improved surveillance, and reduction of disparities.

Ø    Improve the health of the fetus and newborn through optimal care before, during, and after pregnancy.


Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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