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Acne/Pimples - Symptom, Causes and Types

What is acne?


In medical terms, skin disease is healthier referred to as acne. It is a disease of the skin which chiefly concerns the oil glands which are to be found at the base of hair follicles. It is most common in adolescents when these glands start functioning. The glands become active due to the stimulation received from the male hormones secreted by the adrenal glands of both the genders.


It is not a dangerous condition as such however will probably scar the skin, a condition abhorred by those in the tumultuous adolescent phase. The oil or oleaginous glands are settled at a lower place the skin and it's connected with the human skin through pores or little holes containing follicles or little canals. The operate of the secretion or the oil created by the secretor is to hold dead skin cells to the skin’s surface.

These follicles are susceptible to being blocked.


Pimples are typically found on the face, neck, shoulders, back and the chest in human beings. The skin cells, the oil-sebum and the hair clump together to form a plug. In time, the plug becomes infected due to the presence of bacteria which results in the swelling. The plug begins to break down and a pimple develops.


What is the cause of acne?


An interesting factor to notice regarding skin disease is that it can not be aforementioned sure as shooting what ‘sits cause. According to experts, the hormone androgen is the culprit which surges during puberty which in turn leads to the growth of skin glands resulting in excessive sebum. This secretion then breaks down the cellular wall of pores that modify microorganism growth.

According to some studies, there is also an element of genetic propensity. Medication with lithium and androgen may also lead to the condition. Greasy cosmetics are another culprit. Pregnancy-related hormonal changes may also result in acne.


What are the different types of acne pimples?

Acne pimples may be of various types. These include:


Ø     Whiteheads- These are very small and are usually present beneath the skin.

Ø     Blackheads- Blackheads can be seen clearly. They are black in color and make their appearance on the skin’s surface.It is a thought that blackheads are caused by dirt and cleanup your face with vigor is of very little use.

Ø     Papules- Papules are small bumps typically pink in color on the skin’s surface.

Ø     Pustules- Pustules can be identified on the skin surface with ease. They have a red base with a prime full of pus.

Ø     Nobules- Nobules too stand out on the skin’s surface. They happen to be solid, large pimples. They are often accompanied by pain and are embedded in the depths of the skin.

Ø     Cysts- These are visible on the skin surface. They are usually painful and are pus filled. They are prone to cause scars




Ø  Whiteheads (closed plugged pores)

Ø  Blackheads (open plugged pores)

Ø  Small red, tender bumps


Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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