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Refund Policy



“My Online Doctor - MOD” has created this refund policy to


         i.            Describe the circumstances when “MOD will issue a refund,

       ii.            The process for claiming a refund against an order and

      iii.            The liabilities of “MOD” related to a transaction ending in a refund claim.




This refund policy covers “MOD” treatment of refunds by “MOD” This refund policy does not apply to the practices of companies that “MOD” does not own or control, or of persons that “MOD” does not employ or manage, including any third-party service and/or product providers bound by contract and any third-party websites to which “MOD” websites link.




We strongly believe that every appoint is initiated with a goal to get a specific service and/or product. Refund is a last resort that you may like to take when things are absolutely not working out and you have made all possible attempts of amicably working out a mutually acceptable solution. Therefore we will like to understand if we can reach an amicable and mutually acceptable solution. If you are dissatisfied for any reason which has initiated to file a refund claim, please take out some time and write to us at [email protected] to initiate a dialog before claiming a refund.


Every refund claim must only be filed if the mutual settlement process fails or if you are not satisfied with the outcome.




“MOD” takes every service (based on the service and / or product and/or online consultation) very seriously and ensures that the same is handled in a professional manner and the client gets the result as per our promise to him. However, if you are not happy with the outcome and have gone through the dispute resolution process, we do entertain refund requests as per the following schedule which clearly lists the services and our refund policy related with each service, thereof.


Delivery Time

Online services

100% refund if online services has not initiated after subscription. 100% refund is applicable after deducting the services charges. Refund will not be initiated if services have been initiated.

Consultation & offline services

Full refund if service has not been initiated or service is not approved. If we fail to deliver as per our delivery policy after the initial approval, then we will issue a partial refund as per the proportion of the work completed /pending. If we have completed the services, no refunds will be issued.

Procedural/System/document development

No refunds once services it is initiated after getting the approval




Please note that “MOD delivery commitment is subject to:


Timely payments: A services is not considered to be initiated if the agreed upon / listed payments are not clear.


Timely communication from the client: We are not bound to respect our Delivery Policy, if required information is not communicated to us in a timely manner. Any delay arising out of such situations cannot be attributed to “MOD”.


Completeness of information provided by the client: In case, it is understood that the information provided to us is incomplete and/or complete information/scope of the service and/or product is not provided at the beginning of the project, “MOD” is not bound to maintain its delivery commitments.




“MOD” may at any time, without notice to you and in its sole discretion, amend this policy from time to time. Please review this policy periodically. Your continued use of “MOD” websites after any such amendments signifies your acceptance thereof.




If you have questions or suggestions about this refund policy please e-mails us at [email protected].


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