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Primary Amenorrhoea: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is Primary Amenorrhea?


Primary amenorrhea is that the failure of discharge to occur by age sixteen years, within the presence of traditional growth and secondary sexual characteristics.


If by age thirteen discharges has not occurred and therefore the onset of pubescence, like breast development, is absent, a workup for amenia ought to begin.


What are the types of Primary Amenorrhea?

There are two types of amenorrhea:

Primary amenorrhea.


This is once a file has not had her play by the age of sixteen.

Secondary amenorrhea.


This is once a lady UN agency has had traditional catamenial cycles stops obtaining her monthly amount for three or a lot of months.



What is the foremost common explanation for Secondary amenorrhea?


Secondary amenorrhea's commonest and mosteasily identifiable causes area unit maternity, thyroid disease, and hyperprolactinemia. A pregnancy test is common first step for diagnosis. Hyperprolactinemia, characterized by high levels of the hormone prolactin, is often associated with a pituitary tumor.



What are the symptoms of Primary Amenorrhea?


Depending on the explanation for symptom, you might experience other signs or symptoms along with the absence of periods, such as:


Ø  Milky nipple discharge.

Ø  Hair loss.

Ø  Headache.

Ø  Vision changes.

Ø  Excess facial hair.

Ø  Pelvic pain.

Ø  Acne.


What are the treatment of Primary Amenorrhea?

Estrogen replacement therapy.
Clomiphene citrate (CC) medical aid is commonly prescribed to assist trigger biological process.


Estrogen replacement therapy


(ERT).ERT might facilitate balance secretion levels and restart the cycle in ladies with primary female internal reproductive organ insufficiency (POI) or Fragile X-associated primary female internal reproductive organ insufficiency (FXPOI).



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